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Events and Activities

Make Our Special Events Successful

Events such as this year's summer festival only happen through the combined efforts of many volunteers. Before an event, there is planning, advertising and the soliciting of community support. At the event, there is setting up, leading activities and cleaning up. Express you interest by clicking Education on the Contact Page . You're sure to find a task just right for you..

Lend a Hand at Stewardship Work Days

Help beautify our nature preserve by joining the crew on Stewardship Work Days. These days occur on the third Saturday of each month through October or November, depending on the weather. The crew works from 10 a.m. to noon. Sign up under Environment on the Contact Page. Roll up your sleeves and pitch in clearing invasive species, removing debris and spreading existing seeds.

Join Our Corps of Citizen Science Monitors

Imagine a pleasant walk around a peaceful pond and through the oak woods, individually or with a group. At the same time, you will contribute to the preservation and restoration of native wildlife at our preserve and area wide through data collection. In addition to frogs and toads, butterflies, odonates and singing insects, we will be monitoring macroinvertebrates, bats and reptiles. Sign up under Environment on the Contact Page. You will receive training. Also, we monitor in teams which develops camaraderie and helps new members see and hear.

Share Your Love of Fishing with Children

Our Kid's Fishing Clinics take pace on the pier. Help the next generation learn to bait hooks, cast, and real in. Of course, they have to release what they catch, but they learn the the basics and the different kinds of native species in the pond. Sign up under Education on the Contact Page.

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