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Teach Your Children to Fish

Building on.past years' successes, Kids Fishing Clinics are taking place again this season. Children, ages five to fifteen, are eligible to participate. You have many opportunities to participate as these clinics run April through September, depending on the weather.

At the fishing clinic, you will receive the use of fishing rods and reels, provided by the Department of Natural Resources. Bait and instruction are compliments of our trained volunteers. These trained volunteers provide expert instruction and assistance.

For more information, please contact Gary Morrissey

at .

The pond has been stocked with native fish, including a blue gill/sunfish hybrid. Large carp, pre-preserve denizens of the pond, lurk in the depths and shallows along with turtles (including some snapping ones).

You are to release anything you catch as we want the newly

stocked fish to have a chance to grow and repopulate the pond. Children will learn about native fish as well as why some fish are

more desirable than others.

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