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Community Survey for 50/50 Art Project


As part of the city's 50/50 Art Project, Alderman Patrick O' Conner formed a committee to choose an artist and a location for a public work of art. Meetings were held with representatives from ASNA, WANT, WEAR, BCO, GRO, NEW and the West Ridge Nature Preserve. 

The chosen artist is the Green Star Movement because of their beautiful work and their community engagement element that encourages volunteers to help with the mosaic work. The location is our nature preserve.

An exciting part of the process is that the community was able to vote on two mosaic sculpture options. 

Alderman O'Conner announced the voting results as follows:

Dear Neighbor,

I want to thank everyone who participated in our survey to determine which work of art would best suit the West Ridge Nature Preserve. 

Overall, we had 452 responses voting between “Tree Towers” and “Origami”.

  • Out of those 452 people that responded, 61.5% voted for the Tree Towers
  • Out of 283 people that live within the Ward or close to the nature preserve, 61% voted for the Tree Towers
  • Out of 95 people that identified as “visiting regularly”, 65% voted for the Tree Towers
  • Out of 21 people that identified as “visiting regularly and volunteering” at the nature preserve, 79% voted for the Tree Towers

It looks like we have a winner: Tree Towers!

The Tree Towers are sure to enhance the beauty and spirit of the West Ridge Nature Preserve. Thank you all again!


Pat O'Connor

Alderman, Ward Forty

The 50/50 projects in all 50 wards are part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Year of Public Art initiatives celebrating the Picasso statue's 50th anniversary. 

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