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Nature Preserve is Now a NestWatch Member

Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology NestWatch program recently welcomed the West Ridge Nature Preserve as its newest chapter. This membership supports the work of our Citizen Science Center. NestWatch uses citizen scientists to track birds’ nesting choices, eggs laid, fledgling rate, and survival nationwide.

Being a NestWatch Chapter will help us improve and expand our preliminary monitoring of nests and nesting box outcomes—like our Eastern Bluebirds (insert link to our bluebird story). The monitoring protocols will formalize our information gathering while the free educational materials will further our school outreach efforts.

Birds are crucial to understanding the environment, as they are especially vulnerable to climate change, urban expansion, habitat loss and non-native species invasion. Our nesting data will go into NestWatch’s ever-expanding national database. Researchers use this information to better understand, study and protect birds – especially those that are endangered.

This information will add to the bird observation data already being collected and shared on Cornell’s Ebird sight. Go to the West Ridge Nature Preserve “Hotspot” on Ebird to see:

And for more information on ALL of the Cornell Lab’s good work go to:

For further information, contact our education chairperson and steward, Gary Morrissey,

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