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Our StoryWalk is Back!

It took a community to restore our StoryWalk after the sad vandalism episode. You now can walk along the south path and enjoy haiku poems and accompanying drawings in each storyboard along the way. Children from St. Phillip School, after a field trip at the Preserve, created these masterpieces. In the process, they learned about nature, writing, and art.

The StoryWalk’s return happened because the community cares. Alderman Patrick O’Conner and Green Briar Park Supervisor Tim Gibson donated sturdy stakes. Four PAC volunteers and three Starbucks volunteers repaired damaged storyboards and mounted them on stakes they had cut and pounded deep into the ground. PAC retired teacher volunteers led the field trip and the in-class follow-up.

From the beginning, all StoryWalk materials and labor have been donated. READ MORE

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