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All Kinds of Natural Materials

and Structures Lead to Creative Play

The Intent is to Invite Free Play in an Open Space with a Woodsy Feel

Our dream of a natural area just for children is now a reality. After several years of PAC planning, designing and fundraising, the grand opening of our Nature Play Space took place on June 20, 2020 in conjunction with a Hello Summer Festival. 

The structures and materials in our Nature Play Space encourage children to engage with and manipulate natural objects with friends or by themselves. It is the children, not the adults, who are the leaders and creators.

Your children will find a log structure for climbing and another particularly large log that is hollow to crawl though. Imbedded stumps challenge balance as they walk from one to another.  The mud kitchen and sand digging areas permit getting hands dirty. Scattered sticks. branches, stumps and stones encourage building activities. A wood xylophone becomes a hammock. And a tree swing, grassy hill and wooden stage provide additional play opportunities. 

Research shows that free play in natural settings encourages creative, imaginative, cognitive, social, cooperative and physical development in children.

To reach the Nature Play area, check the map on the fence south of the entrance. 

Follow the StoryBook path or walk around either end of the pond. Whichever route you choose, you will find it tucked into a nook the east side of the park. just south of the pond. 

The area is both woodsy and open with a happy grouping of natural structures and objects. 

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