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Park Advisory Council

Watching over the West Ridge Nature Park is the Park Advisory Council (PAC). We are a dedicated group of parents, grandparents, neighbors, former schoolteachers and environmental stewards. 

Together we work with Green Briar Park and the Chicago Park District to enhance and protect the preserve and provide educational activities and programs. A priority is to make the preserve accessible to us humans while safeguarding this precious bit of ‘wilderness’ as a refuge for the wildlife that has found a home here.

By attending meetings, you will receive and be able to respond to on-the-spot information from our officers, steward and committee chairs. Meeting attendance also gives you a voice in park development, preservation and programming and is one of the ways you can become a member.

All Are Welcome!

The PAC Currently Holds Zoom Meetings

 at 7:00 p.m.

on Wednesdays of Each Odd-Numbered Month

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