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Past Community Projects

Eagle Scout, Troop 965: A professional looking, informational kiosk now greets visitors as they enter our nature preserve. The kiosk became a reality, thanks to Peter Dombai and his Eagle Scout Project. 

Peter’s crew included fellow scouts, Quinn Martin and Garret Mulkerin along with two father and son teams, Tom and Bobby Dombai and the Mike LoBiancos. The kiosk will be a key communication vehicle, informing visitors of special events, volunteer needs and site news.

Girl Scout Troop 20273, Immaculate Conception Grade School: Four community minded girl scouts carried out a nature preserve clean-up mission on February 28. Anika, Josephine, Sharmila and Inaya - along with family members – removed trash from the southwest corner of the preserve.

Working for about an hour and a half, they filled an entire city garbage cart with debris.

Eagle Scout, Troup 932: Daniel Allen chose to do his Eagle Scout project at WRNP. He, fellow scouts and family members enlarged, cleaned-up and spread a thick layer of mulch on the natural play area on Saturday, June 11th . On Sunday with another crew of helpers, they returned with three large log tabletops, supports and other materials. They built two tables, benches and a display board for the area. Scout Troup 923 has taken real interest in our site and they have further plans in the works.

Bowmanville Community Organization (BCO): On October 3 of last year, BCO members worked with PAC members to provide on-site help. They tackled the sidewalk mess along the fence. Steward Weiss, of the BCO, marshaled the troops who arrived early in the morning with brooms, shovels, dustpans and trash bags.

Nielson Company: Twenty volunteers turned out on June 2 of this year for Nielson Volunteer Day at our nature preserve. These volunteers, led by Steward Tom Murphy, and Neilsen coordinators Marysue Redmonn and Sandeep Chittoor. The volunteers removed much asphalt and concrete, old pipes and plastic debris. In addition they filled in an old well and removed some invasive garlic mustard plants.

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