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Play Area Construction, Fundraising and Public Awareness

"Many Hands Make Light Work" 


A public awareness campaign aimed at individuals and the community needs to be organized and managed. Developing press releases for local news outlets, making flyers to be distributed throughout the community, speaking at local libraries, churches, mosques, synagogues and schools and helping others learn about our nature play area, including field trip options.

Fund raising needs organization and implementation. Grant writing, honorariums for happy and sad occasions, a raffle, pledge drive, local business sponsoring, the sale of nature memorabilia and fund-raising events are ideas that fall under this category.

An initial fund-raising phase is underway with the formation of a “CrowdRise” donation page. The link is

As you may already know, The Chicago Park District approved our Nature Play Area certification and enhancement request. Next up: construction, fundraising and public awareness. 

We thank those of you who provided ideas and assistance over the last six months. Now that the implementation period has begun, we need you even more -- and your friends, relatives and neighbors.

The upcoming work, divided into categories, lines up with our committees. To move forward, we reach our hands out to you. Please join us by contributing to one or more areas. Just


Smaller construction projects (benches, musical instruments, mud kitchen, etc.) can begin immediately with your help. Check the attached list for suggestions. Email to discuss any project(s) that you want to build or purchase with the construction committee's approval. This begins on Earth Day, April 21.

Larger construction projects (hill, fencing, plantings, etc.) are waiting for more Chicago Park District's input on their labor and materials' costs. These will most likely require longer-term fundraising.

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