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Funding Is in Place to Begin Work on Nature Play Area Elements

We are on our way! After holding community meetings, designing a Nature Play Area Plan and soliciting funds, we received good news from the Chicago Park District. You can imagine how excited we were to receive the following letter.


From Jason Steger

Natural Areas Manager | Chicago Park District

Department of Cultural and Natural Resources

I am happy to inform you and the rest of the Park 568 (West Ridge Natural Area) PAC members that we have received full funding for our project. This includes the abbreviated scope as well as several additional elements from the original scope that will make this project a fully realized nature play space.

 A heartfelt congratulations to all parties involved who have helped to make this happen. Looking forward to working with all of you moving forward!


We also congratulate and appreciate the involved parties - our donors, volunteers and supportive Chicago Park District team. And we can't overemphasize how crucial you will continue to be. 

In particular, the community is the heart and soul of this effort. We will need you as we develop programming and eventually assume responsibility for maintaining the play area

Please join us in encouraging children to play and learn in this natural environment. As they explore and interact in the Nature Play Area, they will improve their cognitive, creative, social and physical skills. 

We also hope they fall in love with nature and become future stewards of the environment.

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