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Stewardship Work Days

Some of the most important work of the PAC occurs during Stewardship workdays. These days take place on the third Saturday of each month, all year, 10 a.m. to noon at the park. Gloves, sunscreen and bug spray are provided.

Dedicated, hardy, outdoor lovers carry out tasks essential to the preservation and growth of native plants, shrubs and trees.

Saturday chores vary.  In the fall, gathering and scattering seeds is a priority. Then, there is removing  tree re-sprouts, spreading mulch, clearing trails and the unending chore of weeding out invasive species.

Past special tasks included clearing overgrowth from the stream, creating a path, blocking unofficial people-made paths that destroy native vegetation, planting 2,000 wildflower plugs donated by the Chicago Park District and helping to reinstall the StoryWalk.

The PAC now has more authority to control invasive species and tree sprouts, add additional seeds or plugs of existing species and introduce new species into the preserve -- with park district review and approval.

For more information, contact Tom Murphy at .

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