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Experience Our Newest Activity:

The Dear Human Audio Walk

Our Dear Human Audio Walk brings to life the voices of the Park's non-human residents. This multi-sensory guide enables your to receive messages from such residents as a tick, a deer, a tree, the pond and so many others.

Bring your headphones and smartphone for an immersive experience that merges sound design and narration with the existing landscape. You will find site-specific prompts to listen, touch and find your place within the local ecology.

Begin Dear Human at the entry gates anytime from dawn to dusk. To access the guide, use you phone to visit Dear Human online. You will be able to choose among three listening options: a simple playlist, a GPS-activated map or QR codes on a printable map (to soon be replaced by trail markers in the park).

West Ridge volunteer and artist Christa Donner created Dear Human through the Roman Susan Art Foundation as part of Navigations, a series of artist projects shared and realized in public/common spaces.

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