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Vandalism Continues to Be a Concern

At West Ridge Nature Preserve

With the planned enhancement of the Nature Play Area, vandalism is an increasing concern.

Over the last year, vandals hit our nature preserve a number of times,. They almost demolished our cherished Nature Play Area and broke the Plexiglass and supporting posts on the StoryWalk kiosks.

They also broke the Plexiglass on the information kiosk three time, removed warning signs about poison ivy and defaced stones by the pond and the south Council Circle with graffiti. 

All these acts make us sad, discouraged and angry. But it is the targeting of a special space for children that disturbs us the most. These vandals seem bent on spoiling an embracing, natural setting for children’s creative play.

We vow to find ways to quash this vandalism, and appreciate the expressions of concern, outrage and support from visitors and supporters.

In doing so, they:

  • tore down the little swing built by play area users, cutting the rope into small pieces,
  • dismantled the sturdy tripod and its teepee twice,
  • destroyed the enhancements added for the last Family Nature Day
  • and ripped down a protective fence at the south end of the area.

We Need Your Continuing Vigilance and Help!

  • If you observe any vandalism, immediately call 312-742-7529 (PLAY).
  • If you think you know who any of these vandals might be, contact the CPD (number above) and send a message on a webpage Contact link.
  • If you have have monitoring ideas (cameras, police presence, volunteer patrols, etc.) and/or want to attend a brainstorming meeting, use the Contact page or email  

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